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Hungry Birdies (1)

birds Breathing-Fragile-Life Joan Winifred

Good Morning Hungry Birdies:) aka Respected Readers!:)
My Mom/parents are bird watchers… and feeders and they actually have variety of birds feeding out of their hands in their back yard (as well as bird feeders/bird houses)… it’s amazing to see! My Mom is the forest creature whisperer… it’s like the scene from vintage Snow White when all the woodland creatures come out of hiding…are attracted and come to her presence… squirrels, bunnies, moles, turtles, etc.. . Various visitors daily…including a Bob Cat in their back yard along with a huge wild pig passing through one day-lol:)

Cardinals, Blue Jays and Scrub Jays… among their feathered friends/pets/family!:)

Spiritual hunger is top priority for me and my family…(this has to be a short post for now; heading to my parents’ place soon… for art and other work) and looking forward to Bunny TV. That’s what I call relaxing in their lanai looking out at the bunnies, creatures, etc. I LOVE IT!!:).. it’s peaceful/quiet/respite time for me.

Here is a small sprinkling of seeds…enjoy:)

“A law he set in Israel . . . that they might set their confidence in God himself.”—PSALM 78:5, 7.

JEHOVAH God provided the Torah as part of the long-range purpose that he set out in Eden—to restore and bless the entire human family.

What laws did God give before the Law given to Moses?

God prohibited murder and the eating of blood, among other directives. (Genesis 9:3-5) These decrees emphasize the sacredness of life and are binding on all mankind, Noah’s descendants.

Where does Abraham fit into God’s purpose?

God told faithful Abraham: “By means of your seed [one of his descendants] all nations of the earth will certainly bless themselves.” (Genesis 22:18) God would use that “seed” to fulfill his purpose.

How does the Law fit into God’s purpose?

In connection with the Law given to Moses, God made a covenant with the nation of Israel. By keeping that covenant, Israel would become “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”—Exodus 19:5, 6.

How did the Law benefit all mankind?

God used the nation of Israel as an example of the blessings that result from supporting his rulership. God’s Law was designed to guide and protect Israel, in order for them to become “a light of the nations.” (Isaiah 42:6) For Israel to become such a blessing, they needed to follow God’s written Law.—Deuteronomy 11:26, 27.

How could a nation of imperfect people carry out God’s Law perfectly?

Despite their best intentions, imperfect people would always fall short, even as Moses did. (Numbers 12:3; 20:10-12) Nevertheless, God preserved ancient Israel in order to fulfill his purpose. [excerpted: How Can You Have a Happy Life?, Section 12, Why Did God Provide the Torah?]

Please come back for (2)….:)


11/14/17 @ 10:12 a.m.


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