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In the No…Ah:)

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Did the flood occur?

I believe it did. You may say, No, but I say Ah! Pause…please, consider would countless(?) cultures repeat a similar sounding historical story around the globe??

Check it out:)

Look at the world around you, with its cities, its culture, its scientific achievements, its population of billions. It is easy to be impressed by its apparent permanence, is it not? Do you think that some day this world could completely disappear? That may be difficult to envision. However, did you know that according to a very good source, a world existed before this one and it was completely destroyed?

WE ARE not talking of a world of primitive tribes. The world that perished was civilized, with cities, artistic achievements, scientific knowledge. Yet, the Bible record tells us that suddenly, on the 17th day of the 2nd month, 352 years before the patriarch Abraham was born, a deluge began that swept away a whole world. (Genesis 7:11; 11:10-25, 32; 12:4.)

Is that record correct? Did such a thing really happen? Was there really an ancient world before the present one that flourished and was then destroyed? If so, why did it end? What went wrong? And is there any lesson that we can draw from its demise?

Was an Ancient World Really Destroyed?

Such an awesome catastrophe, if it really happened, would never have been completely forgotten. Hence, in many nations there are reminders of that destruction. Consider, for example, the precise date recorded in the Scriptures. The second month of the ancient calendar ran from what we now call mid-October to mid-November. So the 17th day corresponds approximately to the first of November. It may not be a coincidence, then, that in many lands, festivals for the dead are celebrated at that time of year.

Other evidences of the Deluge linger in mankind’s traditions. Practically all ancient peoples have a legend that their ancestors survived a global flood. African Pygmies, European Celts, South American Incas—all have similar legends, as do peoples of Alaska, Australia, China, India, Lithuania, Mexico, Micronesia, New Zealand, and parts of North America, to mention only a few.

Of course, over time the legends have been embellished, but they all include several details indicating a common source narrative: God was angered by mankind’s wickedness. He brought a great flood. Mankind as a whole was destroyed. A few righteous ones, however, were preserved. These built a vessel in which humans and animals were saved. In time, birds were sent out to search for dry land. Finally, the vessel came to rest on a mountain. Upon disembarking, the survivors offered a sacrifice.

Considerations: similarities…mere coincidences?? hmmm:

What does this prove? The similarities cannot possibly be coincidental. The combined evidence of these legends corroborates the Bible’s ancient testimony that all humans descend from the survivors of a flood that destroyed a world of mankind. Hence, we do not need to rely on legends or myths to know what happened. We have the carefully preserved record in the Hebrew Scriptures of the Bible.—Genesis, chapters 6-8.

The Bible contains an inspired record of history extending back to the dawn of life. Evidence proves that it is more than mere history, however. Its unfailing prophecy and deep wisdom demonstrate that it is what it claims to be—God’s communication to mankind. Unlike myths, the Bible includes names and dates as well as genealogical and geographical details in its historical accounts. It gives us a picture of what life was like before the Flood and reveals why a whole world came to a sudden end. [excerpted reading: A Whole World Destroyed w 02 3/1 pp.3-5]

Noah was given life-saving architectural plans…”ark” kept him and his family afloat. 8 Survivors. He did just so…following God-given instructions precisely. So, why “this” Dad of 3 boys??

Noah did according to all that God had commanded him. He did just so.​—Gen. 6:22.

Noah had never built an ark before. So he had to rely on Jehovah, doing “just so”​—that is, just as Jehovah directed. The result? Noah got it right the first time. Indeed, he had to! Noah also succeeded as a family man​—and for basically the same reason; he trusted in God’s wisdom. He thus taught his children well and set a fine example for them, which was a big challenge during that wicked pre-Flood era. (Gen. 6:5) As parents, how can you do “just so” in God’s eyes? Listen to Jehovah. Let him instruct you in child-rearing by means of his Word […]. [Listen to Discipline and Become Wise w March 2018]
Faith…excerpted this morning’s reading…my highlights:

Faith follows the thing heard.​—Rom. 10:17.

Since early in human history, men and women of faith have learned about God in three primary ways: by observing the visible creation, from other God-fearing humans, and by experiencing the blessings of living in harmony with God’s righteous standards and principles. (Isa. 48:18) By observing the physical creation, Noah would have seen abundant evidence not only of God’s existence but also of his many invisible qualities, such as “his eternal power and Godship.” (Rom. 1:20) As a result, Noah did more than believe in God; he developed strong faith in him. Noah no doubt learned much from his relatives. These included his father, Lamech, who was a man of faith and whose life overlapped Adam’s. They also included his grandfather Methuselah and his great-great-grandfather Jared, whose life overlapped Noah’s by 366 years. (Luke 3:36, 37) In any event, what Noah learned touched his heart, moving him to serve God.​Gen. 6:9. [w 18.92 9 par. 4-5]

Noah was in the know. In the know of how to survive a world (of now) on the verge of destruction and subsequently destroyed.
He also knew God as Friend.
self-reminder: don’t be smug thinking how GREAT man’s accomplishments/achievements (aka e-x-p-a-n-d-a-b-l-e) are that the modern “world” cannot go down…the Earth remains and will remain forever. Human powers/civilizations and governments collapsible.
Expandabilities and collapsibilities seem fused.
Meek Survivors: Spiritual ark architectural plans required.
2/05/19 @ 10:32 a.m.
In the k(no)w and in the K(now).
in the know and in the now.
Know Now and No now.
cause to “Know” now may mean No now…but Yes later. 🙂

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