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Intentional and Unintentional Learning Environments

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Learning…(aka changing)


Takes place -lol…(double entendre)… the obvious… and (meaning) learning environments (places) of choice or not… intentional and unintentional… necessary elements that effectuate education/change.

Exposure to environments/places and cultures/peoples teach us much… young or old.

i’m keeping my mind young…OPEN. (aka positive)

My sister-in-law… Bro’s wife… paid me a compliment last night while phone talking: “joanie is still joanie, you haven’t changed at all!.. still skinny, looks same… haven’t aged”… meaning by contrast my  kids have changed a lot!!… grown older/taller, etc. My response: laughter :)… cause inside I still feel same: a little girl loving learning everyday… hoping I’ve gained enough for survival… wisdom through the years… well, this 45 year old little girl;)..took that compliment as encouragement to keep going…that my moderate living/choices of consistency…e.g., non-drinking, non-drugging, non-smoking, daily body/mind exercise, healthy mind/body food (including daily Bible reading/application) is paying off! (Obviously, my sis-in-law looks for/at my positives (good thing!)…though, in the mirror i’m like what happened??…who is this face looking back?)..aging is privilege, huh…&

My quest for immortality… is working? – yippeee lol:)…

and my kids (and their (hyper) activity) keep me young/moving…and park playing…(kids need plenty of play time!) it’s fun to see the freshness of each new day/learning experience(s) through their eyes.  It’s also weird when your baby (ies) become teen(s) taller and bigger than you. They like to remind me I’m small..I like to remind them: my parental responsibility is TALL…very!

Uh-huh, lot of (people) things to mess up in this life & with long-term  ramifications… 1 job i wanna succeed at: parenthood!!:) I just don’t want my kids paying for my stubbornness & stupidity. (Doesn’t every parent want their child turning out well?)

All parents & all kids need life-long on-going education… especially compassion lessons of love… where these take place?.. (and) well…

Where ? are we being schooled?… or unschooled?

@ the playground??

@ a safe, peaceful place?!

“trust? According to one dictionary, to trust others means to “believe that they are honest and sincere and that they will not deliberately do anything that will hurt you.” Trust is developed slowly but can be destroyed in an instant. With so many sensing that their trust has been abused, is it any wonder that people are reluctant to have confidence in others? 

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