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Intriguing Questions (6) aka elaboration of question 5

Joan Winifred

Intriguing Question 6…(excerpted reading)…(my highlights)

“Imagine meeting a man so huge and powerful that you feel intimidated by him. However, in time you notice that he seems gentle. He is ever ready and eager to use his power to help and protect people, especially the defenseless and vulnerable. He never abuses his strength. You see him slandered without cause, yet his demeanor is firm but calm, dignified, even kind. You find yourself wondering if you would be able to show the same gentleness and restraint, especially if you were that strong! As you come to know such a man, would you not begin to feel drawn to him?

reasons…to feel drawn… to the God of Compassion…(or (a) person of Compassion)…

“We have far more reason for drawing close to the almighty (God/Creator) Jehovah/Yahweh. Consider the full sentence that is the basis for the title of this chapter: “Jehovah is slow to anger and great in power.”  (Nahum 1:3) Jehovah is not quick to use his power against people[…]. He is mild-tempered and kind. He has proved to be “slow to anger” in the face of many provocations. Psalm 78:37-41.

(it is easy to be drawn to (trust) a person/personality/God…slow to anger and yet GREAT in power!)  

“Rather, he (God of Compassion Jehovah/Yahweh) kindly dignifies each individual with freedom to choose. He warns of the consequences of bad choices and tells of the rewards of good choices. But the choice itself, he leaves to us.” […] The Greek word rendered “Almighty” literally means “Ruler Over All; One Who Has All Power.”  (excerpted cl chapter 4)

(it is easy to be drawn to (trust) a person/personality/God Almighty…who leaves choice/consequence up to the individual.)


9/26/16 @ 6:50 p.m.

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