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Khmer Rouge: crying fields

Breathing-Fragile-Life change education Joan Winifred

{I found it a compassionate gesture of the court to allow the man who was unable to stand to remain seated. Perhaps, some would/will find their prison for life punishment compassionate in comparison to crimes against human dignity…i’m neutral on the topic of these two particular men…obviously, cannot read their/anybody’s hearts/minds; nor do i know what remorse-repentance/personal inner growth (aka compassion maturation) has occurred for them since the 70’s. Some of us humans are in  deplorable prison-like states/circumstances, etc. already and haven’t committed any crimes against humanity/animal world/dignity/compassion. Consequence (of choices) has a way of catching all of us sooner or later, eh?}

‘Is there any evidence that universal atheism would lead to a better world?’

Consider: As many as 1.7 million Cambodians died in the Khmer Rouge effort to establish a godless Marxist state.

And in the officially atheistic USSR, Joseph Stalin’s rule resulted in tens of millions of deaths. Granted, those atrocities cannot be directly attributed to atheism. But they do show that the rule of atheism does not ensure peace and harmony.

Few would deny that religion has caused much suffering. But is God at fault? No! He is no more at fault than a car manufacturer would be for an accident caused by a driver using a cell phone. Mankind’s suffering has many causes, one of which is more fundamental than beliefs.

Does the Bible identify any cause ?

The Bible identifies it as inherent imperfection. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) This sinful inclination tends to foster selfishness, undue pride, a desire for moral independence, and violence. (Genesis 8:21) It also causes people to rationalize and to gravitate toward beliefs that excuse wrongdoing.

Questions for Self-Examination:

Do I gravitate toward beliefs/ideas/media/books, etc. that excuse non-compassionate acts? And/or acts against fellow-fragile-breathing-life and their dignity?

Is evidence mounting throughout my life course that points to patterns of non-compassionate action or compassionate action on my part?

Would I ever want a global court to find me guilty of crimes against fellow-fragile-life??

 ‘No God’ means no accountability to a divine authority, as well as “no objective values which we are obligated to respect,” says law professor Phillip Johnson. Morality thus becomes relative, with each person determining his own standards—if he chooses to have any. No doubt such thinking makes atheism an appealing philosophy for some people.—Psalm 14:1. (excerpts from article: World Without Religion an Improvement?)

Without any compassionate/ethical or authoritative restraint/accountability/divine standards…what stops our back yard, our neighborhood, our community or our entire globe from becoming killing fields??!

COMPASSION EDUCATION IS NECESSARY For Survival… and must be ongoing!:)

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