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Let’s Talk Respect

Joan Winifred

All fellow-fragile-life deserve dignity and respect. Can’t we talk it? Sure! Let’s Talk Respect!:)

FY: i really respect the conscious choice to modify coarse speech to something more pleasant and less foul!:)  it’s not easy for many of us to shed swearing habits. It takes thoughtful effort and compassion to use less offensive words and mix up/change up patterns of expressions. 

When we personally speak in a respectful manner, we can still be honest! We just don’t filter out caring!  By talking respect…we demonstrate that we care (so we share it nicely).

practical point:

Let a rotten saying not proceed out of your mouth, but whatever saying is good for building up as the need may be, that it may impart what is favorable to the hearers.” (Eph. 4:29)

read this a while back:

in some cultures profanity has not always been a part of everyday speech. Take, for example, the testimony of Apache Indian James Kaywaykla.

James was born about 1873 in New Mexico, in the United States. In his later years, when he was nearly 90 years old, he related the following:

“One morning I was awakened by the sound of Grandfather’s voice. He sat in the opening of our brush arbor, facing the rising sun, and singing The Morning Song. This is a hymn to Ussen . . . thanking Him for one of the greatest of his gifts—the love between a man and woman, which is to Apaches a sacred thing. Never do they make obscene jokes about sex, and the fact that White Eyes [white men] consider conception and birth a matter of levity is something they cannot understand. It is, to them, on a level with taking the name of God in vain. I am very proud of the fact that in our language there is no profanity. For the privilege in sharing the creation of new life we give thanks to the Creator of Life.”Native Heritage, edited by Arlene Hirschfelder. (excerpted “In Our Language There is No Profanity” Awake! ’05)

wrote this a while back:

compassion-culture-speak-it-baby …and don’t stop!;)

“THANKS Reader:) for speaking compassion every day…Hooray!”:)

1/18/17 @ 4:10 p. m.

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