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Joan Winifred

“A Wise person listens and takes in more instruction; a man of understanding acquires skillful direction (or wise guidance) […]

“The Fear (or reverence for) Jehovah (Yahweh) is the beginning of knowledge. Only fools despise wisdom and discipline.”  (Proverb 1:5,7)

I was thinking about how driving a standard (stick shift)…in traffic or on the highway, etc..takes “skillful direction” and how important neutral is…today..I drove my Daddy’s car..not riding the clutch or bucking or stalling…and/or down-shifting etc..(idk how long it’s been since I drove a stick; at least 14 years..since leaving Massachusetts)…it was FUN:) and a little exciting..being on the road and in control of the vehicle..and I was little nervous about finding my way from 4th to 5th and not putting it into 3rd by mistake…it so comes back fast…like riding bike, eh??

My Dad was very happy with my shifting driving skills and thought did beautifully…considering He is right about (when I’m driving an automatic) counseling me not to drive too fast or take sharp turns quickly…which I have the tendency to do.  He’s a very safe, experienced driver.

Life and how You live (drive it) …can be automatic or manual/standard, huh?

(Some find automatic..easier, you don’t have to think much or as much as manual…)

Which driving do you prefer? Or which driving do you have more choice control…as to how and when to shift gears or stay (in) neutral?

(I utilize neutral…a lot) so-called scary driving situations.

Could “gears” be liken to?

Reverence, Awe, Wisdom, Skillful Direction, Guidance, Knowledge, Discipline, Instruction…keeps you safely driving/living/shifting gears!:) when necessary.

Safe & Peaceful Driving (living) to You:)



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