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looting or luting

Joan Winifred

My luting or looting Tuesday??

i have (a) head ache(s) today…and heart ache(s).  (Both of which IF allow will loot/rob my afternoon.) Am thinking but unable to formulate this writing properly/deeply due to a lack of time and concentration. Frustration ensues. Ugh.

(Oh, and a pile of house work/laundry/dishes/messes…waiting for my expert? Ha! handiwork. Delegate joanie. That’s a tough one for me. Haven’t quite figured out how to do it well. Delegate enough and get the “complete” desired result. You can’t do it all. i can’t have it all…as completely organized as i would like life.)

Some variables/components of this fleeting life work as looting agents and some are luting agents.

Negative attitude loots.

Positive attitude lutes.:) (Aka Melodic harmony enhancer.)

My choices/others’ choices

my abilities/others’ abilities

my limitations/others’ limitations

(plus, the unforeseen and unexpected events big and small, uncalculated and miscalulated affect me/others):

Looting? NAH! Luting? Yah! 🙂

Music helps cement. hope. perseverance.

lute/guitar…sometimes one has to play the strings one has…on any given day. Life is gift, eh?? Even on a day achey.

And some songs seem sweeter than other strings. (or at least bearable)

And so do some days.

The days without aches and messes.;)

(the strings that are pulling me, are for the most part, of my own making.)

“Make sure of all things; hold fast to what is fine.” (1 Thessalonians 5:​21)

fine strings aka TRUTH and work…messes or not…is better than being a controlled puppet on a master’s slippery strings.

i am tempted to let the necessary housework, etc. go today…and waste time…on-line?!

Bible role model: Paul. Although he admitted that he had bad inclinations, Paul took control. He wrote: “I strictly discipline my body and lead it as a slave.”​—1 Corinthians 9:​27, footnote. [Excerpted: Young People Ask: How can I Resist Temptation?)

Questions for reflection?


(Is) looting me?


(is) luting me?

Peaceful Luting/(Music/Strings of Life) to You Reader:)

10/30/18 @ 3:29 p.m.

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