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Loving the GREATEST MAN who EVER Lived (aka part 2 of previous post)

compassion friends insights Joan Winifred

Greetings-HELLO! & Smiles:) & Compassion! & Peace:) to Anyone Out There Reading This at This Very Moment in (Your) Time! (My time is 4/1/15 @ 9:51 a.m. as i compose this very sentence.)

It’s now 9:53 a.m.on April 1st., 2015…lost a couple minutes in thought, eh?-lol..a tiny tired from a big walk early morning.

Did You read my last post? The GREATEST MAN Who Ever Lived: Killed! (Part 1?) Thanks! (Hope it helped in some way.) This particular post is the follow-up or the continuation of topic under consideration: Jesus.

You got friends, right?? (A friend can be like a brother you break bread with, huh?)

You got enemies, too?? (A “potential” friend that could “eventually” be like a brother to break bread with, huh?)

(Personally, i’d rather have more (compassion) friends; of course!) Wouldn’t most of us prefer having friends over enemies?? Imagine a World where EVERYONE IS FRIENDS!:) (Can’t we all learn to get along? aka Practice Peace!)

What do You appreciate in a person or a friend? Any specific qualities attract You to someone?

Do your friends exert any influence over You? Subtle? or Powerful? Negative? or Positive?

What would your friends say about You IF they had to describe You to someone who didn’t know You (or know You well)?

Hmmmmmmm: What would Your enemies (Hope–You don’t have any), but If so…how do You think they would describe You?? What word (or other) picture would they paint?! Would it be similar or unfamiliar to the portrait painted, of You, by close friends?! Even among friends portraits would differ? Each of us have our own way of expressing, describing, wording, editing, spelling & painting (or numerous artistic talents…of one sort or another).

Word choices can be like color choices in artwork…(of language/communication). All kinds of artists use all kinds of media and color, etc. If You appreciate a work of art, and study it, do You learn about the Artist? (If You read my words, do You learn about me?)

Enjoy(ed) these excerpts/points: (my highlights)

You have probably heard of the Italian painter and sculptor Michelangelo. Though you may never have seen the original of any of his masterpieces, you most likely agree with the art historian who called the Italian genius a “marvellous and incomparable artist.” Michelangelo’s talents cannot be denied. Who would try to separate appreciation for Michelangelo’s art from acknowledgment of him as an outstanding artist?

Consider this: Knowing that Leonardo da Vinci painted the “Mona Lisa” has not stopped art historians from investigating his technique and the materials he used.

Jesus could be described as a living-breathing-work-of-compassion-art-of-awe…for us to appreciate and admire and respect!…to worship?…OR would it be more appropriate to acknowledge the genius/outstanding artist behind Jesus (?)–a living-breathing-work-of-compassion art (pure compassion embodied as a living-breathing-working-teaching sculpture, a perfect man Jesus, who walked this earth).

Please consider the following excerpts:

Now think of the mind-boggling complexity and diversity of life that thrives around us on earth. Appropriately, The New York Times quoted one professor of biological sciences as stating: “The physical marks of design are visible in aspects of biology.” He added: “Life overwhelms us with the appearance of design.” Is it intellectually honest to admire the design without acknowledging the designer?

Affected by pervasive evolutionary ideas, some refuse or fail to recognize that design certainly points to a designer. But does the theory of evolution represent true science at its best? Note the conclusion that Christoph Schönborn, Catholic archbishop of Vienna, presented in The New York Times: “Any system of thought that denies or seeks to explain away the overwhelming evidence for design in biology is ideology, not science.” (joanie talking: i think a Catholic archbishop would know a little something about “ideology”, eh?-lol)

There are, however, those who feel that accepting the position that there is evidence of a Creator would “stifle research.” An article in the magazine New Scientist expressed such fears, asserting that “science as an open-ended pursuit would come to an end, halted by an impenetrable barrier labelled ‘the designer did it.’” Is that fear well-founded? Not at all. In fact, the opposite is true. Why?

To accept blind chance and subsequent evolution as the cause of our universe and life on earth would actually be to abandon any attempt to get a meaningful explanation. On the other hand, accepting that an intelligent Creator is behind what we see around us can lead us to investigate the nature and application of his intelligence manifested in the physical universe.

Similarly, accepting that there is a Designer should not discourage us from inquiring into the details and complexity of his designs and creations. Rather than stifling further research, the Bible encourages the search for answers to both scientific and spiritual questions.

Acceptance of the existence of a Creator does not hinder scientific progress. The quest for more comprehensive knowledge in both physical and spiritual matters is indeed open-ended and eternal. An ancient king noted for his broad knowledge humbly wrote: “He has put thoughts of the forever in man’s mind, yet man cannot understand the work God has done from the beginning to the end.”—Ecclesiastes 3:11, Holy Bible—New Life Version. (Above-mentioned excerpts: Admire the Design; Learn About the Designer W07)

The following post (Part 3) is my “attempt” at artistry…(NOT calling myself an artist). This is how i will “try” to color with crayons, pastels, paint/depict a word-picture/portrait-of-Jesus…and using various pieces of readings…(a mosaic of sorts).

Hope You will like it and find it refreshing when it’s finished! and hope You will come to appreciate “Why” i can’t help loving the “Greatest Man Who Ever Lived!” 🙂

(finally…able to publish…4/1/15 @ 12:47 p.m.)

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