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compassion Joan Winifred

his disciples: The first occurrence of the Greek word ma·the·tesʹ, a noun rendered “disciple.” It refers to a learner, or one who is taught, and implies a personal attachment to a teacher, an attachment that shapes the disciple’s whole life. Although large crowds were gathered to listen to Jesus, it seems that he spoke mainly for the benefit of his disciples, who sat closest to him.—Mt 7:28, 29; Lu 6:20



Many humans are “followers” aka “learners”  of one person/mentor or another (famous, infamous or not)…(on-line or off)…Jesus…compassionately-selflessly-served-others… out of Agape Love… and how do i know that… for sure?!… some “think” human(s) motivation(s) is “basically” pleasure-seeking (history and modern-story seem full of so-called examples/evidence of this short-sighted, instant gratification, results)… or the spoken attitude/hidden agenda of “what’s in it for me (reward/award, etc)” is why we (humans) do or not do whatever/whenever…

and what did Jesus get (from humans) for his many compassionate acts & winsome words as documented in secular record and Gospel?!

Homelessness, Suffering, Mockery, Humiliation, Hatred, Torture, Grief, and Premature Death

Indeed, what kind of man (or human) endures all that for fellow-fragile-life??… Has to be someone Special, Rare?

a Great man?

a Son of God?

Which begs the question… wouldn’t his “actual” learners/followers/disciples…be willing to do (suffer) the same??

Learners or “True” followers of compassion know/understand the “real” meaning of suffering/sacrifice/love/selflessness, huh?!


1/11/18 @ 5:55 p.m.


What am i learning?

Who am i following?

What’s not in it for me?!



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