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Joan Winifred love
Making? (what?)
making nothing? out of something?…or is it vice versa, eh? (takes smarts/skills, huh? sanity, of course.)
“beacons burning endlessly bright”…either you see? or you don’t?..trying to be your eyes? (exhausting?)..(the blinded (by brilliance) leading the blind?) an exercise in frustration? an exercise in patience? (an exercise in compassion?) an exercise of time crunch/management possibly?
possibilities…What are You making??…(like you’d honestly answer? me or anyone/including yourself) that’s it? you run scared from honesty? why?…cause you’d have to see. To see is action. (your in-action speaks volumes fast.)
(1 thing i know…i don’t make hate…nor do i hide it. Hate will NEVER rule me.)

a (read) description worth contemplation (& imitation)…
“Loyalty is a warm quality that includes devotion, faithfulness, and unswerving allegiance. A loyal person is not fickle. Rather, he lovingly attaches himself to someone (or something), sticking closely to that person (or thing) even through difficult circumstances.”

“With someone loyal you act in loyalty; With the blameless, mighty man, you deal blamelessly” (2 Samuel 22:26)

being blameless…(for ***!) in the making…(always):)
(publishing a post…outta nothing at all…?! 3/17/15 @ 11:17 a.m.)
Make $$$ Selling Ads