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Managing Mind Flurries

Joan Winifred

Flurries…my beautiful sisters-in-law took photos last night of me/us outside restaurant on rt 1. They wanted to capture the first snow of the season and my first snow in 16 years..

It’s been an adjustment getting accustomed to the dark. The night is long and day light short. I miss light!!! The cold has been a fun change. Gloves, hat, boots..winter attire…

It seems complicated living…all the needed items to stay warm and all the stairs everywhere. My feet are used to open sandals/flip-flops and ranch style homes. I love the sound of the wind! Stairs are an effective exercise.

Temperate living (weather-wise and otherwise) is freedom, eh?

It’s been a windy day. Wind chill 18 and temp around 30 brrrr.

My way of living…stay warm and well-fed lol also meaning nourished spiritually and interacting compassionately at all times and with all fragile life in all temperatures and climates hostile or otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚

Are You:) warm??

Are You:) well-fed?! (Hope so!)

11/21/16 @5:51 p.m.




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