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Meditating about meditating

Joan Winifred

Coffee break? Tea break? Chocolate break? Power bar break? Broccoli break? Meditative break; of course!! At an early age (thankfully), I learned the benefits of (what would term) disciplined thinking on deep matters…usually spiritual things…positive thoughts/and wise words found from the Bible (and actively ground truthing it’s practical application daily).

A personal pick me up aka real relief/refreshment/restoration of mind/heart…has been study and meditation…everyday for years.

Meditation of this kind takes self-discipline and prioritizing “meditation” as a more important thing…when reading/studying…meditation is like complete digestion of the mind/heart food consumed…just like all eating choices available to us…some food is junk and instead of beneficial/healthy meditative digestion…you get indigestion…tummy aches/headaches/ know mental/emotional anguish.

…I work hard at not letting my mind go there…there to a place of no (mind) return…a place where I may get lost or lose my mind…the forbidden zone of cultivating harmful/hurtful desires or the comfort zone of complacency leading to non-action…(well that’s my intention). Some of us run dangerously our imagination uncontrolled.  Admittedly, science does not know it all when it comes to “brains”…language..

Is an amazing tool (aka in my pov gift of God)…enabling communication…especially valued: clear, concise, compassionate speech that refreshes and is gentle and kind to all minds.

okay..needing sleep…Good night…but first, let me leave You Reader:) with this to contemplate, ponder, meditate:  w 12/15 article excerpt Keep Meditating on Spiritual Things

“It requires a lot of effort to meditate and concentrate on what we study. That is why it is best to meditate at a time when you are not tired and in a place that is quiet, where not many things will distract you. The psalmist David meditated while he was awake in bed during the night.”


Peace to the Meditators of Peace!:)

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