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Messages and Messengers..and messes

Joan Winifred

A passing thought captured on this virtual page..

A familiar expression…”don’t hate the messenger” ..what about? “Don’t love the messenger”…

Would it be foolish for the messenger to personalize /internalize any “hate” or “love”…or for the recipient of message(s) to project “hate” “love”…onto messenger??

The message may not originate with the messenger…the message and the messenger may be entirely separate…(or not)…depends.

For example…I tend/my intent is to share a spiritual/peaceful message…of hope, etc…obviously, I would never speak again nor write again IF I took all my “rejections” personally.

(believe me…when you think and speak like me..with emphasis on the spiritual…partial/total rejection is almost commonplace everyday occurrence.)

not all minds welcome this….(message)…state of learning…

rejection keeps one humble/honest/hungry…(aka willing to work for peace).

hatred and love are powerful..I’ve experienced life as the object of both..both can be scary and threatening on some level. (Both (can) cause messes.)

Emotional neutrality and staying away from controversy as much as a safe state for me (personally)…no, it does not mean I am unfeeling nor unloving..nor am I detached and apathetic or afraid.

(just carefully selective about my attachments)

Loving-kindness to all fellow-fragile-life is the intent while respecting safety boundaries.

PEACE ๐Ÿ™‚ to YOU!


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