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Monday Morning Meditation(s)

education Joan Winifred

Generations of us humans have been raised in environments of extremes.  Look around, look around! Hatred, crime, violence, murder, rape, racism, etc., etc., etc., most things unpleasant…grow and flourish in permissiveness. Well-being and happiness does not thrive in such an environment.

Overly permissive programming does NOT lead to happiness and long-term joy or pleasure! Without any clear cut standards whatsoever or practical principals of compassion, morality, ethical boundaries to protect fellow-fragile-life…sad results are evident everywhere!…just about in every home, every neighborhood, every community, every country on the planet…social and other sufferings abound. (Many of us who think we are “free” are actually enslaved to non-compassion.)

Does permissiveness lead to peace? Is permissiveness reasonable/balanced? Does permissiveness lead to longevity of life? or quality of life? Does permissiveness make us truly free?

do i need to be redeemed? am i suffering needlessly because of my environmental education? my programming? do i need reeducation? do i need help?

(of course i do!)

Why do we/fellow-fragile-life “have to” die??…may be IF we were less permissive, we could really live aka enJOY life!

My Monday Morning ranting is over…this video caught my attention:


9/26/16 10:01 a.m.

p.s. @ 12:20 p.m. Reader:) my week-end was spent comforting and helping (and also attending yet another funeral of a friend who sadly died)…among other things (including 2 sick kids)…and with a week-end like that…cannot help but have a meditative Monday.

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