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Mushy, Moshy Minds and Violent Sneezes

appreciation attitude Joan Winifred

i am sick. The kind of sick that takes you down (and away, sadly, from all your work/responsibilities). (Which isn’t easy for somebody like me who enJOYS work & usually pushes through/works through it/sickness/stresses.) Keeps you in bed 2 days straight with fever, aches/pains/chills/shakes and violent sneezes (and coughs)…jarring and contracting and leaving my entire 117 lb. body listless. These violent sneezes (that my kids describe as shrilly screams)…are like seizures that take over and i can’t help but surrender to…the rapid-fire like a machine gun…that hasn’t run out of ammo for 2 days.

Today, i’m feeling better: THANK GOD!:) i’m NOT sneezing as frequently, i’m coughing: OUCH!…just hurting…and THANKFUL!:) No matter what any of us go’s temporary & there are always things for which to be thankful and grateful.

Here’s my short sneezy list:

1. TREES! aka box of tissues…(trying not to use too many).

2. My comfy bed & pillow on which to be sick! (i know there are many out there that don’t have a bed or pillow nor any comfort nor any tissues. i.e. Jarina & Daughter: The Homeless & The Car-less & The Less/Lessness of Life.)

3. My kids’ ages and that They and Daddy can get a long (a little while) without my total involvement/participation in everything they do. (I’ve endured/managed caring for babies/young ones while being very sick in the past.) THANKFUL for Hubby & Kids helping me & letting me rest (aka leaving me be a little). (Sometimes, it’s difficult to be loved…(and/or hated, eh?) some one always demands/wants/needs something from you most moments…you’re presence, time, energy, thoughts, involvement, etc.)

4. Comforting words: promises from a person who is incapable of lieing (aka Yahweh/God of unending Compassion)

“And no resident will say: “I am sick.” The people dwelling in the land will be pardoned for their error.” (Isaiah 33:24)
and is based on a hope of the everlasting life that God, who cannot lie, promised long ago;” (Titus 1:2)

p.s. IF my decision making is wishy-washy is that indicative of a mushy-moshy mind?!

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