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Needs & Wants

Joan Winifred

Material/spiritual needs (all of us have them)…and then there are wants..just about every body wants something, right?…the phone rings and the door bell rings..and a gut reaction is ..what do (they) want (from me) now??

Why do we have to jump, react, answer…rings, bells, whistles and be at the beck and call of cell phones?

Curiosity? Habit?…Conditioning?…we just have to know who is behind the ring, bell, cell song.

You know what I want?…rather, need…a little less ear ringing.  You will hardly find me carrying a cell..and if I do–it’s lost in a book bag or packed purse. Just don’t wanna be enslaved/controlled/imprisoned by a cell. Limiting usage is balanced to me.

Some of us want immediacy…instant messaging…gotta know now. May be we have been programmed not to wait. I’m constantly learning patience…Guess, what I’m expressing here (aka running my mouth off publicly on this post) IS

i “try” to operate with the mindset of…what do they (whoever) need…from me…and not necessarily what anybody “wants” from me…

wants can be dangerous and unhealthy, needs…fundamental to sustaining life, well-being…:)

A compassion life-style “calls” for giving…and forgiving. Helping and responding appropriately and specifically according to circumstance. Somethings are urgent…requiring an immediate response, other matters/ situations not so much…a delayed response. (Somethings require/need a little or a lot of patience.)

“When anyone replies to a matter before he hears the facts, it is foolish and humiliating.” Proverbs 18:13.

Discerning questions help us understand better what someone may need. Gaining greater understanding…especially concerning compassion…has been a quest of mine. Here is some stuff i’ve read on the topic of ‘understanding’ …may be it will add to your understanding understanding…aka greater insight: Insight On the Scriptures Book Vol. 2 “Understanding”

The original-language words rendered “understanding” can refer to comprehension of a rather simple kind or can describe a full and profound realization of the inner nature, underlying reasons, and significance of complex matters. Insight, discernment, and perception are all closely connected to understanding.

The Hebrew verb bin and the noun bi·nahʹ are most frequently related tounderstanding. At times bin and bi·nahʹ may more particularly emphasize the specific aspects of discerning (1Sa 3:8; 2Sa 12:19; Ps 19:12; Da 9:2), giving thoughtful consideration (De 32:7; Pr 14:15; 23:1; Jer 2:10; Da 11:37) or attention (Job 31:1;32:12; 37:14; Ps 37:10) to a matter, and may be so rendered. Professor R. C. Dentan, writing in The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible (edited by G. Buttrick, 1962, Vol. 4, p. 733), says: “The root בין [bin] means primarily ‘to discern with the senses,’ ‘to perceive distinctions,’ then ‘to give close attention to,’ and finally—particularly in the derived stems—‘to gain comprehension’ or ‘give’ it to others.” Hebrew scholar Gesenius gives the basic sense as “to separate, to distinguish; . . . hence to discern, to mark, to understand, all [of] which depend on the power of separating, distinguishing, discriminating.” (A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, translated by E. Robinson, 1836, p. 140) Another noun, tevu·nahʹ, comes from the same root asbi·nahʹ and may be appropriately rendered “discernment” (Pr 10:23; 11:12) or “understanding” (Ex 31:3; De 32:28), according to the context.

The basic meaning of these terms reveals the understanding person to be one able to see into a matter and discern its composition by separating the individual factors or features that compose or act together to form the whole, then to perceive the relationship between them and thus comprehend, or grasp, the significance or meaning of the matter. This may be illustrated with a language. If a person is to understand what is spoken in a certain tongue, he must be able to distinguish the individual words composing the sentences, know their meaning, and see how they relate to one another. (De 28:49) However, even though a person may basically comprehend what is said to him, understanding can also go beyond such simple comprehension; it means that he gets the real significance and sense of the message, then is able to evaluate it, benefit by it, and know what action it calls for.

In the Greek Scriptures, “understanding,” as signifying perception, getting the sense of a matter, is represented especially by the verb sy·niʹe·mi (literally, put together) and the related noun syʹne·sis. Other terms are e·piʹsta·mai, meaning, basically, “know well,” and gi·noʹsko, meaning “know.”

Source of Understanding. Jehovah God is both the Source of understanding and the Supreme Example of its use. The splendid coordination and functioning of the universe, in which each creation serves a particular and harmonious purpose, with no clashes or problems resulting from a lack of discernment on their Creator’s part, manifest God’sunderstanding. (Job 38:36; Ps 136:5-9; Pr 3:19, 20; Jer 10:12, 13) God has given the animals instinctive understanding, each according to its kind. Men may spend years gaining understanding of aerodynamics, but the falcon instinctively knows just how to “read” and utilize the different types of air currents. (Job 39:26) […]

Despite intensive research over centuries, many features and cycles operating according to divine laws still elude man’s full comprehension. (Job 36:29; 38:19, 20) What men can grasp from their study of the material creation only approaches ‘the fringes of God’s ways,’ and is but “a whisper” as compared to “mighty thunder.” This is even more true of God’s works of judgment and salvation, his thoughts being too deep for ungodly persons to grasp. (Job 26:7-14; Ps 92:5, 6) Consideration of the divine wisdom and understanding manifest in the material creation, however, enabled Job to discern his proper relationship to the Creator and humbly recognize his own lack of understanding.—Job 42:1-6. (excerpted Insight Book Vol. 2 “Understanding”)

i need to gain greater understanding of another topic right now…so, i need to shift gears…aka finish this post and get studying other material right now..when/IF i get time, i’ll “try” to share more stuff on “understanding”…

Do You feel Understood?…i “think” we all-fragile-life find a measure of peace and happiness when/IF Others express understanding…when they try to and get/understand us and know what we may personally need…be it materially or spiritually.

To really help and to really give…do You need to really understand?!

Peace and Understanding to You Reader:)

2/4/16@5:54 p.m.

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