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No difference

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No difference can also mean ineffectual.

an example:

Ineffectual: how i “realistically” see the clumped/lumped together right/left/center … History/modern/now story of human self-rule/politics—the leaning and the pulling (the discrediting/the exalting ploy(s)) aka all movement(s) of the on-going competitive tug-of-war game: the losers fall in the mud, but do the winners stay clean/alive and for how long?! (hmmm) aka all morphing/forms of man-made government (sinister sintering) employed/utilized…conceptualized/ thought of through the cycling centuries…the “seemingly” essential, good, better or best (i.e. Democracy?)…all lead…(tragic tonality target) to shed blood/blood shed and misery, mayhem…evil either now (short form/short-term) or later (long form/long-term).

it’s very disturbing sadly contemplating conditions in various places such as Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, N/S Korea…and including Russia’s terror campaign against peaceful-minority-primitive-Christians (i.e., Jehovah’s Witnesses).

(AND “any” seemingly good? (respite) is short/medium lived (evaporating/popping) due to incessant squabbling within and between sides/bubbles.)

All bubbles P>O<P.

The entire “Human Government” aka the CRUEL/SAD/MURDEROUS/Rip Offexperiment” is a failure on all fronts!…so, I continue to remain politically neutral and hopefully on the clean, blood-guilty-free side of history/eternity.

{(Since age 12 have felt: “Biblical” genuine-compassion/agape-love education…is the wisest route for me.

guide/guidance/guiding/educating..minds making better-healthy choices that don’t cut life short-er. Promoting/pursuing peace. Voluntarily pursuing and supporting Truth…effectuates real change for the better…individually and etc.)}

Do I respect governmental authority? relatively speaking, yes! Am i grateful for some stability provided by government?..sure. am i grateful for my “relative” (most likely short-lived/cut short) freedom here in the USA? (though my site is continually hacked!)

Yeah, that’s why i respectfully use my “relative” freedom in “agape” ways which demonstrate an acknowledgement of Many Others who are NOT free to read or speak…enJOY basic human rights…and i don’t “intentionally” harm or hurt or take away Other’s relative freedoms.

BEING CAREFUL..cautious:

(When we intentionally pursue positives: “helping” “comforting” “teaching” “volunteering” etc., it’s difficult to completely measure any peripheral impact(s)…there is always the “unintended”…scary; another post/topic for discussion, eh?)

However, i don’t naively/apathetically rest on nor solidly place my firm/absolute hope on the flawed and failing governmental experiments of this life whatsoever!

Yes, Man & Woman have AMAZING ABILITIES!!


All of wo/man’s talents and technology…the combined/cooperative human effort/s…the steps forward and the steps back:  bottom-line bring us to the same place/ment: same numbers...our/the human life span remains hovering at:

70-80 years. (period)

Harsh Reality?? Ineffectual?? Truth?!

In 1990 a news report heralded the possibility of extending the human life span to “five score years and ten.” No doubt this was a veiled reference to these words of the Bible psalmist Moses: “The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.” (Psalm 90:10King James Version) So the Bible gives 70 or 80 years as the average human life span. But what is the probable number of years a person can expect to live today? [excerpted: w 11/15/93 “How Long Can You Live?”

Sorry, but without God/Divine Help/Wisdom: humanity remains in a common death camp…march.

(Yeah, some of us are wearing sparkly-expensive boots and some of us are barefoot.)

How do we change/transcend/escape span???…




we need/must have divine intervention to reach eternity.

i hope/believe that some humans will attain to eternity here on Earth…and i know/believe that some are sincerely/honestly/authentically working good toward the eternity endeavor and comfort, help, educate along the way…and not just for personal (or monetary) benefit but for real love for one and all!:)

Please check it out IF You:) so choose:)

God’s Kingdom Ends Evil and Suffering


11/24/18 @ 11:24 a.m.

a p.s.

{Peace & Hoping You’re Not Barefoot…and Able to Walk to Eternity…aka Wisely Choosing Life! and not giving up and not blindly choosing death and the selfish-stupid-pathetic-peddling death mongers…(in disguise).

Real Life & Real Love Is too precious to lose.}

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