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No Joking

Joan Winifred

Really? you think this is a joke…?

a game? the-game-of-life

(may be i will just (continue to) ignore your (seemingly; i write/say that because hey, i am no judge of anyone’s motives…actions/intentions…acknowledging my own limitations — cannot read hearts/minds; just in case you didn’t realize this!;)) insincerity till it starts hurting me: cause i realize you “probably” know no better…any better aka lacking adequate/sufficient compassion education.) Or may be? by example..i can talk it and walk it…compassion IF “try” my best and put my own selfishness aside.

any of us who really/truly take compassion not by conscious choice endanger themselves or Others (period)…or on purpose.

The serious compassion takers…take precautions, preventative measures…and don’t risk safety. They try with all their might and take the “necessary” time and possible hassle/added work/extra organization…to live in a no accident zone.  They NEVER compromise safety for any desired results or lack of time, etc. or to save/make money.

i.e. wear seat belts and bike/motorcycle helmets and drive the speed limit, etc. they don’t put obstacles in people’s pathways…that could cause them to stumble. They don’t encourage hurtful behaviors. There speech is sensitive and thoughtful taking into consideration their listeners/audience and any potential impact. Extreme sports would be out not in the compassion circle of appropriate life-preserving choices. High Respect & Love of Life and wanting to hold onto life would overtake any fleeting desire of a thrill sport.

How deep is your love for life?? modesty seems to be a necessary quality…knowing what i can reasonably do and what one cannot do…

regular analysis of potential dangers/hazards a must to avoid anything harmful: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do you understand the strong connection between playing it safe/safety…cautious choices and the respect for sacredness of life?!

All of us may say we “respect” life, but what do our daily decisions demonstrate?  Rushing and rash/impetuous living puts not just ourselves in harms way, but others…and our shared home planet Earth.

Avoidable accidents…take too many lives and on a daily basis!:(

heard these stats this past week-end at a training (semi-inspiration for this safety passionate post):

30,000 deaths in US direct results of unintentional falls.

we all have free will…a precious gift (to use appropriately or abuse)…and along with “free” will comes consequences…personally just want to be able to live peaceably with any of my consequences from any of my conscious choices!

IF you highly value compassion (and i know Reader deep down You do:)…you are under obligation to be proactive/protect life and avoid unnecessary risks with your own life or someone else’s!

Periodic Safety Evaluations Important!…there are a lot of unsafe things literally and figuratively…people, places (on-line and off) and things, endeavors, food, water, etc. that need identification and/or modification/correction. Even so-called “minor” adjustments can have “major” valuable impacts.

Any of us who are sincerely pursuing compassion...are alert to safety, correcting “any” minor issues before these become major issues. (And YES!!! i have stuff to work on…A LOT.)

The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences. Pro verbs 22:3

Stay Safe Reader…physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually!:)

3/6/17 @ 10:52 a.m.

updated & published 3/9/17 @ 9:00 a.m.

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