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Up my sleeve this morning/(tonight)…he, he, ha, ha…well;) no literal wasps, bees, nor bugs…except my own POV…stinging (??, perhaps?) and coming from a “God-believing/fearing sphere-earther”…I find Arrogance/Undue Pride to be a “breathtakingly idiotic position.” (quoting scholar, G.S., phrase)

Antidote to (my/any) stinging arrogance down my nose…unselfish/genuine altruism…with no exceptions, no expectation(s) of any type of reciprocity!



A  no-ticeable difference!;)

No bite, no Benadryl needed.

another day, another sleeve

another opportunity to grow/cultivate…(bees/honey? 🙂 humility?!)

3/13/19 @ 9:04 a.m. written and slightly edited/published 11:05 p.m. (waiting tonight patiently(?) uh-huh;)

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