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Joan Winifred

Two, three, four,
(Wow, so what joanie, you can count)…
Hmmm, but what can I count on??

(And can others count on me: is the ?)


If your hand is doing wrong, put it far away,


and let no unrighteousness dwell in your tents.

For then you could lift up


your face with no defect;


You could stand firm, free


of fear.


For then you will forget your trouble;


You will remember it as


waters flowed

past you.


Your life will become

brighter than at midday;

Even it’s darkness will be

like the morning.


You will be confident

because there is hope,

And you will look around

and lie down in security.


You will lie down, with no

one making you afraid,

And many people will seek your favor.

(Job 11:14-19)

(Job was a man known for his integrity and faithfulness despite severe trial and great grief.) what am I known/unknown for?


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