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Opening Cans: Manually & Electrically

communication compassion Joan Winifred

{Blog Preface: Happy Week-end to All Readers! Hope You are Well! 🙂 This forthcoming piece: Opening Cans: Manually & Electrically: I began writing a few days or ? so ago: unable to publish/edit due to stuff…technical/other & i’m getting over denial of being… sick…w/a bad cold…cough, cough, sniff, sniff. Always, pushing myself saying: i’m not sick: it’s just allergies/stress…keep working, just keep working, working…now: i’m paying, paying, paying. (Pumping up on my vitamins/enzymes/green tea to reach recuperation.) Yeah, it’s exposure to new “public” school germs from the little girls being back in school. Or from taking them to the doctor’s office this week.}

Can openers.
Is that what I am?
Nothing more/nothing less than a can opener?

(My potentials/talents at opening up cans (and of worms)…guess, I’m learning to appreciate/value (worms, etc), eh?!)
An opener of mysterious-unlabeled cans…doesn’t quite know what’s inside or what she’ll find/get…some contents are: seemingly super-yummy and some seemingly super-repulsive. 
The compassionate opener/taster…doesn’t discriminate though. Neither spits out nor swallows/digests…just smells/samples/savors and moves on…the contents of cans: not my job to judge… just to open.

Surprise! surprise?

(so why (i/eye) should a piece of metal feel for a piece of ****?)

Willing to take a risk/opportunity/chance… is willing to be wrong/right/inconvenienced/humbled/exalted…commended/counseled/rejected/accepted…

that’s what this little can opener…lives.

You know how many unlabeled/mysterious cans could be opened…?

aka beautiful-fragile-life understood and appreciated/valued/loved/helped…

IF we all took the time to really communicate compassion. 🙂

all of us cans/openers: manual or electric/little & big need to hear: encouragement, positive-kind words, commendation…to keep going, to keep growing…to keep moving, living, reaching our unique potentials.

 “Do not hold back good from those to whom it is owing, when it happens to be in the power of your hand to do it,” says Proverbs 3:27

Gonna do it? Open any cans today?

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