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Joan Winifred

Or’ne.on <bird>

Greek pe·tei·nonʹ means flier as well as pte·nosʹ…the Greek word sper·mo·loʹgos

was applied to a bird that picks up seeds, while figuratively it was used of a person who picks up scraps by begging or stealing, or, as a chatterer, one who repeats scraps of knowledge, an idle babbler. (excerpted Insight Vol 1)

OOPS..should end this post now, huh?…chattering and babbling, eh, joanie?

Distinctive flesh & feathers:

A thoughtful study of birds gives convincing proof of the Biblical teaching that they are of divine creation. While birds and reptiles are both oviparous, reptiles are cold-blooded, often sluggish, whereas birds are warm-blooded and among the most active of all earth’s creatures; they also have an unusually rapid heartbeat. The evolutionary view that reptilian scales and front limbs eventually developed into feathered wings is both fanciful and baseless. The fossils of birds called by scientists Archaeopteryx (or, ancient wing) and Archaeornis (or, ancient bird), though showing teeth and a long vertebrated tail, also show that they were completely feathered, had feet equipped for perching, and had fully developed wings. No intermediate specimens, exhibiting scales developing into feathers or front legs into wings, exist to give any semblance of support to the evolution theory. As expressed by the apostle Paul, birds are of a distinct “flesh” from others of earth’s creatures.—1Co 15:39.

The psalmist called upon the “winged birds” to praise Jehovah (Ps 148:1, 10), and birds do this by their very structure and their complex design. A single bird may have from 1,000 to over 20,000 feathers. Yet each feather is composed of a shaft from which branch out hundreds of barbs forming an inner web, each barb containing several hundred smaller barbules and each barbule having hundreds of barbicels and hooklets. A single six-inch wing feather of a pigeon is thus estimated to contain some hundreds of thousands of barbules and literally millions of barbicels. The aerodynamic principles built into birds’ wings and body design surpass in complexity and efficiency that of modern-day aircraft. A bird’s hollow bones contribute to its lightness, and thus the skeleton of a frigate bird with a 2-m (7 ft) wingspan may weigh only about 110 g (4 oz). Certain wing bones of large soaring birds even have trusslike supports, like the struts inside airplane wings, within the hollow portions. (excerpted Insight Books, Vol 1)

Birds set the ease of travel/flight example…they are light/no baggage.

It dawned on me (meaning that I came to the realization) that for whatever reason(s) beyond our control…some of us humans are born into a family able to provide adequately for our multi-needs… for love, support, respect, nurturing… education: compassion or academic… a support system providing for our ever-changing-growing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs… then for whatever reason(s) beyond our control…some of us aren’t born into a family adequately able to automatically give us basic tools to blossom/succeed/soar without too much struggle… so, it’s pointless and unkind/unfair to compare/compete/contrast…other humans and any accomplishment or lack thereof to other humans and any accomplishment or lack thereof… the human tendency is to compare & compete…and that stinks/totally unfair.
(Like birds of a feather…we may flock together, but we are all distinctly amazing, huh?)
i like this quote…
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
(In my experience, bible-based-compassion (aka agape love) education helps all birds reach incredible heights!)
i like this practical proverb 22:6

Train a boy in the way he should go; Even when he grows old he will not depart from it.

(published 5/13/15 @ 10:03 a.m.)
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