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OTTER..know better

Joan Winifred

Insulation method(s) that work: i don’t own a thick coat; what about thick skin?;) hmm..

The fur of the sea otter is denser than that of any other mammal, with some one million hairs per square inch (155,000 per sq cm). When the otter swims, its coat traps a layer of air close to its body. That air acts as an insulator, preventing the cold water from coming into direct contact with the animal’s skin and sapping its body heat.

Scientists believe that there is a lesson to be learned from the sea otter’s fur. They have experimented with a number of artificial fur coats, varying such factors as hair length and hair spacing. The researchers have concluded that “the denser and the longer the hairs are, the dryer or the more water-repellent the hairy surface is.” Put another way, sea otters can boast a truly efficient fur coat. [Was It Designed? The Sea Otter’s Fur Awake! No 3 2017]

Staying warm (aka kind, friendly, respectful, compassionate, helpful to all-fellow-fragile-life:) regardless of any (cooling, cold, freezing) temperature fluctuations…oughta (insulate)!:)…Otter Order instead of dis-order.


3/11/17 @ 2:55 p.m.

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