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    Doors Open & Close

    Good counsel for an EXTRAextravert like me;) to consider at various & prudent times…

    Station a guard for my mouth, O Jehovah,

    Do set a watch over the door of my lips. (Song/Psalm 141:3)

    practical commentary i enJOYed reading re: said verse: & Job’s ‘Job’…aka integrity-keeping example: (btw: “Yahweh” Hebrew and English “Jehovah” God’s revealed ‘personal’ name found in the Bible.)

    Strike his bone and flesh, and he will surely curse you to your very face.​—Job 2:5.

    The Devil’s challenge no doubt aroused indignation, anger, and contempt among heavenly creatures loyal to God. Jehovah, however, did not react hastily. His response was measured and entirely fitting. He has been slow to anger and has been just in dealing with Satan’s revolt. (Ex. 34:6; Job 2:2-6) Why? Jehovah has allowed time to pass because he does not want anyone to be destroyed but “desires all to attain to repentance.” (2 Pet. 3:9) Jehovah’s exercise of self-control teaches us that we too ought to weigh our words and consider our steps carefully; we should not rush into things. When you face an important issue, give yourself the time you need to act wisely. Pray for wisdom to say or do the right thing. (Ps. 141:3) In the heat of the moment, it is all too easy to react emotionally. Many of us have lived to regret hasty words or rash actions!​—Prov. 14:29; 15:28; 19:2.

    [excerpted: Cultivate Self-Control w September 2017]

    Avoiding (heated) hasty words & rash (dash) actions is a wise/integrity-keeping course in any situation (including unexpected events), eh?!

    Happy Friday🙂 & Week-end!


    1/18/19 @ 5:33 p.m.

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    Schrodinger’s Sphinx State (?)

    a quibbling quibit?



     […] Bronze Sphinx […] and another artifact […] inscribed with the name of Apries or Hophra. (Jer. 44:30) […] Gold triad (triad of Osorkon II) of the Egyptian deities Isis, Osiris and Horus. Proof that the Trinity idea existed long before the Catholic Church adopted it.

    the above are two quick-pick archaeological examples i.e. “Zoan” referenced by joan lol;) for this compressed post…many more finds exist.

    “We are walking by faith, not by sight.”​—2Co 5:7.

    This does not mean that Christian faith does not have any basis in what can be seen or that it deals only with intangibles. But it is true that in every period and age there has been ample contemporary evidence surrounding people, as well as within themselves and their own experiences, that could convince them that the Bible is the true source of divine revelation and that it contains nothing that is out of harmony with provable facts. (Ro 1:18-23) The knowledge of the past in the light of archaeological discovery is interesting and appreciated, but not vital. The knowledge of the past in the light of the Bible is, alone, essential and solidly reliable. The Bible, with or without archaeology, gives true meaning to the present and illuminates the future. (Ps 119:105; 2Pe 1:19-21) It is, in reality, a weak faith that must rely on moldering bricks, broken vases, and crumbling walls to bolster it up and serve as a crutch.

    [excerpted reading: Archaeology –Insight on the Scriptures, Volume 1, p.154]

    1/17/19 @ 5:18 p.m.

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    true blue

    h = helping?
    h = hurting?
    hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm: which is it? both?

    helping/hurting hurting/helping…difficult, at times, to distinguish between.

    h = hoping this blog is helping You Reader. 🙂

    interesting recent reread: i’ve learned a lot from “David” (a man with an agreeable heart)…always loved archaeology…as kid wanted to be archaeologist..(1 among top 3 inclinations)..loved digging around in the dirt discovering hidden treasures…still like to dig..digging deeply to discover “Truth” treasure!!🙂 My tools different, but i keep my hands clean, eh?!

    According to the Bible, King David of Israel lived in the 11th century B.C.E. and his descendants ruled for hundreds of years. But some critics have argued that David is a myth, a tribal legend created much later. Was King David a real person?

    In 1993, archaeologist Avraham Biran and his team discovered a stone fragment at Tel Dan, northern Israel, bearing an inscription that refers to the “House of David.” The inscription, in an ancient Semitic script, dates to the ninth century B.C.E. It was evidently part of a monument erected by the Aramaeans, boasting of victories over the Israelites.

    An article in Bible History Daily states: “The ‘House of David’ inscription had its skeptics . . . However, most Biblical scholars and archaeologists readily accepted that the Tel Dan stela had supplied the first concrete proof of a historical King David from the Bible, making it one of the top Biblical archaeology discoveries reported in BAR [Biblical Archaeology Review].”

    [article: Archaeological Discovery Points to King David as a Historical Person]


    11/17/19 @ 11:10 a.m.

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