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Paving New Roads

attitude choice Joan Winifred

New infrastructure can be good/practical. Example: My road outside my house is actually being stripped, teared up, and repaved today as i compose this post…all the roads in my little community have been worked on/UP-graded(?)(.) Fascinating seeing the process up-close…and aggravating (torturous?) simultaneously…traveling to destinations and on time. Teaches one James Bond driving skills…to swerve slightly or sizeably…altering route(s) in the blink of a flashing truck light…or other fast-approaching impeding-speed obstacle.

New, smooth roads…may get me somewhere fast-er and easier…but where?  I’d prefer not going expediently down a DEAD END.

Happy travels to You Reader:)…and no dead-ends😉 


9/13/18 @ 11:41 a.m.

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