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Joan Winifred peace
“When I first saw You with those little kids…I knew” : “I knew …You were a fighter Joanie!” …words from an older-more-experienced-life, Créole-English-speaking Friend of mine…. referring to meeting/getting to know me, years ago, when my kids were really young… about 10 years ago… she sees me still…hanging on (in my compassion fight/spiritual battle/quest to make the truth my own/surviving)… an unexpected assessment…a different view of seeing myself brought to my attention/brought into focus from an unexpected encounter this past week-end… whatever i’ve accomplished/fought in the past or today… this skinny, little underdog… scrappy piece of scrap paper… you know the kind… crumpled with a bunch of scribbles/hieroglyphics on it… that some don’t readily read carefully or decipher & just toss away…(is tired today May 11, 2015).

I’m sick of certain battles (i.e. of the petty)…like another cold, ugh! all of it (pain/suffering, etc.) will be worth it… when it’s all done… and (my hope) i end up on the right side/innocent side of compassion (from the God of compassion’s viewpoint that is–not man’s narrow viewpoint!)
 Some want… fame, fortune, beauty, money, flight/freedom…. their lists, bucket or to do, are endlessly ambitious… me..i want a little white psephon (pebble)! (may be ? i’m the most ambitious of all??)
Pebbles were used in courts of justice in rendering judgment or voicing an opinion of either innocence or guilt. White pebbles were used for pronouncing innocence, acquittal; black ones for pronouncing guilt, condemnation. The white pebble given to the conqueror therefore appears to mean Jesus’ judgment of him as innocent, pure, clean. (excerpt Insight Books) 
 NAH! I’ll NEVER give up… just choosing my battles carefully (and my closer companions, too)… compassion is a fight worth fighting!…(got my priorities straight, huh?)
A friend or foe (of compassion) is hard to know…(at times) but… pursuing peace with everybody is my only way to go. Yet, i’m not gonna compromise compassion ethics to please people..
Sha·lohmʹ, the Hebrew word rendered “peace,” refers to the state of being free from war or disturbance (Jg 4:17, 1Sa 7:14; 1Ki 4:24; 2Ch15:5; Job 21:9; Ec 3:8); it can convey the idea of health, safety, soundness (Ge 27:14, ftn), welfare (Ge 41:16), friendship (Ps 41:9), and entirety or completeness (Jer 13:19). The Greek word for peace (ei·reʹne) has taken on the same broad connotations as the Hebrew word sha·lohmʹ and may express the ideas of well-being, salvation, and concord, in addition to the absence of conflict. It occurs in the farewell exclamation “go in peace,” which somewhat corresponds to the expression ‘may it go well with you.’—Mr 5:34; Lu 7:50;8:48; Jas 2:16; compare 1 Sa 1:17; 20:42; 25:35; 29:27;2Sa 15:19; 2Ki 5:19. (excerpted..You guessed it: Insight Vol 2)
May it go well with YOU:)….(& me).
Peace & Pebble… possible? (YES!…w/patience.)
(published 5/12/15 @10:32 a.m.)
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