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Breathing-Fragile-Life change choice collage conscientious-ness God heart Joan Winifred reality study Truth

Writing/thinking/being aka “pen”….(sive) with “black/grey” ink…

Writing/thinking/being aka “pen” (sive) with “color/shade” thereof ink

(a collage (and simultaneously a sieve) of words/actions)

(sometimes–stuff/life can make you feel black n’ blue IF You let it)… However, bruises metaphorically/
(or literally) are just temporary, may sting/hurt, but not permanent damage and survivable, right?!

Top 3 Primary Questions for Reflections:)

1. Who is God/Yahweh/Jehovah?!

2. Who am i “really”?!

3. Who am i “becoming”?!

is a mirror also a camera?!…

hmmm, best snapshot/accurate assessment of myself is found in my Daily BIBLE reading!!

(lenses??/filters?? do not compare myself with Others nor do i compete with Anyone!)

A grey day or a bright day… still a day, huh?…aka span of opportunity to accomplish something worthwhile, what you can feasibly accomplish on a grey/fuzzy day?? may be quite different from what can be accomplished on a bright-clear day, eh?!

2/27/18 @ 6:33 p.m.

Positive perspective: Grateful for All my Days!:)


(photo Sunday, 1/28/18)

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