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Joan Winifred

i am gonna water my plants after composing this…then i think? take the late afternoon off and head to ******…for a little beach time to recuperate…and replenish…for my multi-well-being…

Some plants need direct sunlight and lots of water…some indirect/low light and little water…to grow. My indoor plants are air purifiers…

i love all (my) plants..and try my best to care for them.  Learning what they need to flourish and providing such takes skill, patience, and commitment.

Too much direct light and too much water…can damage some.

If i am a complex plant…what do i need? Both direct/indirect light…and clean, fresh water:)…periodically…(and a little  time off now and again, eh?)


4/15/17 @ 3:30 p.m.

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