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Plucking @strings…

Joan Winifred

The heart strings of life…

Gaelynn Lea received a gift from a special friend who gave her a looping somewhere (on-line article) how it took her a couple years to learn to use/fully understand/appreciate this gift..I’m

sure it had/has a significant impact on her music. Her musicality and even perhaps, her life in General is not the same since this receiving and fully utilizing her gift.

I don’t believe in “fate” but I do believe in second chances in life…can You think of a gift You’ve received that is so treasured by has greatly altered the way you live?? The way You think??

Some might think nothing is worth, no idea, concept or prize, etc. is worth dieing for..but, how about a gift worth living for?!

Please consider this..excerpt read:

 When you receive a gift, you are no doubt filled with a range of emotions. However, some gifts may be so special or meaningful that they are truly life-changing. For example, imagine that you were facing execution because you had been implicated in a crime. Suddenly, a person whom you do not know steps out of the crowd and volunteers to accept the penalty for you. He is actually willing to die instead of you! What effect would such an outstanding gift have on you?

Receiving such an unselfish expression of love would no doubt compel you to reconsider your actions and even change the way you had been living your life. It would likely move you to be more generous and loving toward others and even to forgive any who had wronged you. For the rest of your life, you would feel indebted to the person who willingly took your place.

Some of us like myself, who some would consider a so-called “sinner” has received such a gift…so, I am under the obligation of deep gift gratitude…I view my life choices through these lenses..of compassion and forgiveness..cause I know without forgiveness or compassion I would be dead…and not writing this and would be without hope.

for me, I cannot live/function, etc. without hope.



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