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poor piano, poor people, poor planet

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“The world is a closed system in the way that a piano is a closed system. The instrument has only 88 notes, but those notes can be played in a nearly infinite variety of ways. The same applies to our planet,” write Tupy and Pooley. “The Earth’s atoms may be fixed, but the possible combinations of those atoms are infinite. What matters, then, is not the physical limits of our planet, but human freedom to experiment and reimagine the use of resources that we have.” [reference]

Piano(s) potential is at mercy of player(s)!

And this is an example of how some so-called “smart” people choose to amuse themselves…

the Youtube clip is serving as *meta…phor (aka “instrument”;) aka teaching tool)…(*insert–you name it: piano, people, planet, poor, potential) this post.

some of us so-called smart humans will choose to take care of…(“potential”, “planet”, and “people”)
play music with said piano and/or respect/restore…
and some humans choose to destroy…and for FUN.
Don’t You think Reader:) it would be useful for
all of us, young & old, to learn to play nice, huh? 🙂
to take care of?…each other/people and the planet, instrument; piano?;)
(yep, and some of us may only have a keyboard with which to work; gratefully.)

(12/10/18 @ 6:21 p.m. draft/edit 12/11/18)

P.S. Progress? hmmm…doesn’t it seem the over-arching “human” tradition passed down through the centuries (started by 1st man Adam)…IS





2 schools of thought taught:  by man v. by God:

demolish? or polish!🙂


12/11/18 @ 6:12 p.m.
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