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Joan Winifred

while removing prickles from my daughter’s Adidas laces (this morning), it occurred to me that all of us, from time to time, on our journey walk of life…pick up prickles.


Sometimes–we don’t watch where we are going/heading/running…in various literal or ┬ámetaphoric fields/situations/circumstances, in and out of our control, etc…and we acquire prickles. (Stuff that sticks. Stuff that hurts.)

We may not fully realize how many prickles we got..???

We have our own set of sensitivities peculiarly our own. May be? to really help someone heal…removing prickles (and without getting pricked or without pricking the person)…takes patience, skill, compassion, empathy, humility…all those good traits and more. (The ability to put your own preferences aside and work out of your comfort zone.)

prickle free living…possible? YES!…i guess:)

prickles teach: every breathing thing needs gentleness.


12/14/16 @ 10:15 a.m.

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