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‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”= (Purple) Tears & (read)Fire(s)

Joan Winifred lamentations of the heart

‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”””'”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”””‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘””‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”””‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘”‘ tears and 🔥(fire) find myself crying at random times. (I would die 4 u.) It seems alot harder living for u though! Loss of life saddens me deeply, the people, the trees, the animals…unnumbered by cruel man. Cleaning up is healing work-ing with my plants that survived. Not surprising: Some types of messes are torturous for me. May be?? idk, in some ways we got off easy, feeling for Others:(  i am super-sensitive right now (and I don’t want to talk to/see anybody at the moment.) My own emotions are a heavy weight… cannot carry anybody’s else’s..praying for Others that I am unable to help.
Everything is fresh and new tomorrow; deep down positivity always lingers, but am very tired..
Finding solace in song… “Filled with catastrophe” …

Never giving up!compassion is an ever- burning flame!!!!!!!!!!!:)

9/16/17 @ 8:11 p.m.

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