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Pursuing Peace with All BFL: BrEaThInG fragile LIFE!

Breathing-Fragile-Life Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred peace

Pursuing PEACE with ALL…BrEaThInG fragile LIFE…is worth my time/important!:)

it’s sad that so many are objects of prejudice, unkindness & hatred.

Do You know what it feels like to be an object of hatred??
i do…(at times, it’s not nice nor fun.)

Do You know what it feels like to be an object of love??
i do… (at times, it’s not nice nor fun.)

Being an object of hate/being an object of love..(strong emotions)..presents heart/mind-boggling/burdening daily challenges.

Not only do i think that:  political neutrality is crucial/essential to survival…but, at times, emotional neutrality is crucial/essential to survival…mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.

Sometimes some are so easily swayed by strong emotion(s)…positive or negative…people can get so caught up…they act rashly & regrettably…who wants tragedy? NOT ME!;)

Read & applied these Bible Principles that Promote Peace:


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