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Quaking Part 2: Exploring Beliefs

Breathing-Fragile-Life Joan Winifred knowledge

In my last post Quaking…explored through excerpt (of article) whether belief in the “original” peaceful place on Earth…i.e. Garden of Eden existed.  (And whether or not: it’s feasible/reasonable/realistic to believe man “alone” (without say any Divine Intervention in some way) can bring about a united-global-peaceful-paradise-park-like-living-conditions-for-everyone-on-the-planet.)

When the, seemingly solid, ground under your feet shakes…Your view of stability/life/security most likely changes/quakes quickly! Some of us have experienced the fright of a literal earthquake and some of us have experienced frightful quaking of another kind…say emotional or mental. (With all quaking, some sort of damage/death/harm occurs and it takes time to repair/rebuild/heal.) I think it’s healthy to explore our personal belief system(s) to see IF we have “any” solid/secure ground on which to stand/live/build…aka confidently and securely make wise/healthy choices based upon “accurate” aka “solid”-evidence/understanding/actions that lead us to life and not premature death and undue suffering.

Back to the beginning…(my highlights from article: Was There Really a Garden of Eden? W11)

2. Is it really believable that God formed Adam from dust and Eve from one of Adam’s ribs?

Modern science has confirmed that the human body is composed of various elements—such as hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon—all of which are found in the earth’s crust. But how were those elements assembled into a living creature?

Many scientists theorize that life arose on its own, starting with very simple forms that gradually, over millions of years, became more and more complex. However, the term “simple” can be misleading, for all living things—even microscopic single-celled organisms—are incredibly complex. There is no proof that any kind of life has ever arisen by chance or ever could. Rather, all living things bear unmistakable evidence of design by an intelligence far greater than our own.—Romans 1:20.

Can you imagine listening to a great symphony or admiring a brilliant painting or marveling at an achievement of technology and then insisting that these works had no maker? Of course not! But such masterpieces do not even begin to approach the complexity, beauty, or ingenuity of the design of the human body. How could we imagine that it had no Creator? Furthermore, the Genesis account explains that of all life on earth, only humans were made in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26) Fittingly, only humans on earth are capable of reflecting God’s creative drive, at times producing impressive works of music, art, and technology. Should it surprise us that God is far better at creating than we are?

As to creating the woman by using a rib from the man, where is the difficulty in that? God could have used other means, but his manner of making the woman had beautiful significance. He wanted the man and the woman to marry and to form a close bond, as if they were “one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) Is not the way man and woman can complement each other, forming a stable and mutually nourishing bond, powerful evidence of a wise and loving Creator?

Furthermore, modern geneticists have acknowledged that all humans likely descended from only one male and one female. Really, then, is the Genesis account far-fetched?

It takes time, patience and research/effort to explore the beliefs and the beauties of Existence on Earth! Thinking of beautiful/brilliant works of art/music/beauty…found this exquisite piece: enJOY!:)

(quaking part 2 published 4/27/15 @ 11:38a.m.)

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