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REAL-ity (Eu-phony)

Joan Winifred

Is responsibility!
And taking care of it..what is/which is–the consequence(s)of choice(s) (I made this bed and now I must lie/live in it)…mouths to feed, minds to feed…bills to pay/words to live up to…day IN And day OUT..circumstance(s) temporary though it may be…

A pretty picture for some/a horror show for others…(harsh realities of unavoidable weighty/heavy responsibilities of living/loving)

the only voice I obey…is GOD’S!…(and the ever-calling cries for compassion!)

Obedience to compassion (and the TRUE God thereof) is circumsicion of the heart.

OUCH?…is your heart circumcised?!..has the foreskin of your heart been removed?? What does that mean: heart circumsicion?

(post to be continued…aka elaboration of heart circumsicion.)


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