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Realistically Speaking:

Joan Winifred

Do You:) Think You’re the only person I talk to??

Some body’s got to…try to pry open (a little further) hearts and minds toward agape love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and peace.

Compassionate Communication establishes, maintains, salvages, recycles and saves relationships.

Thus, I’ve been blessed by many deep spiritual conversations w/fellow-fragile-life…all fragile life is silently or audibly sighing and groaning…and in some form of pain.

Constant comforting communication can help alleviate (to a degree) some suffering….or at least put the mind at ease.

“You said, ‘Please listen, and I will speak. I will question you, and you inform me.” Job 42:4

i “HOPE” to continue this “post” short communication later…I have to be someplace this morning (and I cannot be late).

Peace Reader & hoping you have/enjoy some compassionate communication..that is positive and encouraging!:)


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