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Joan Winifred

How many you got?:)

PEACE FULL Greetings Fellow-Fragile life…stopping/clicking by this virtual (mind recycling) site..THANKS!:)

Hope You find something here to take with You that will add to your reasons…for happiness, peace and compassion!!:)..or spiritual growth.

Now and again…I come upon or remember stuff I’ve left floating around in virtual space aka on-line “published” writings…and think WOW…guess I have grown..or gotten fat…ter (mind/compassion/understanding, etc) since writing some of this stuff…basically–still feel the same about particular topics…IF You haven’t read any of my previous posts here or elsewhere before…hope they are worth your precious time…(again?)

Generosity is a value instilled, from infancy, in me by the generous example my parents, I try to live by: share…cause I care.

We all have our personal reasons for why we may or may not do what we do or not do..:) our values and our reasons for our values play a role, eh?

Hoping YOU:) have many (innumerable) reasons for happiness/joy/gratitude today (and every day)..32 Reasons for Happiness.


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