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remaining constant: nearly zero

Joan Winifred

honey bees landing strategy…

HONEYBEES can safely land at virtually any angle without problems.

life can be a lot about “safe” landings…

A safe landing requires that the honeybee reduce its approach speed to nearly zero before contact. One logical way to do this would be to measure two factors—flight speed and the distance to the target—and then reduce speed accordingly. However, that method would be difficult for most insects because they have close-set, fixed-focus eyes that cannot directly measure distance.

all i’s are different, eh?…we see differently (even though all humans share binocular vision):

Honeybees seem to use the simple fact that an object appears to get bigger as they approach it. The closer they get to an object, the faster it seems to increase in size. Experiments conducted at the Australian National University indicate that the honeybee decreases its flight speed so that the rate of apparent enlargement of an object remains constant. By the time the honeybee reaches its target, its speed has decreased to almost zero, allowing it to land safely. (excerpted reading: Was It designed the Landing Strategy of the Honeybee? Awake! No. 2 2017)

humans can learn from bees, huh?:)…[any angle without problems…sounds like safe/wise decision making (aka landing) to me!]


12/30/16 @ 4:02 p.m.

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