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Remembering the Murdered and Martyred

Joan Winifred

๐Ÿ™ many murdered, many martyred:(
Past and present
A local boy dead–fellow student @ my daughter’s school mowed down on his bike..hit and run

Deadly explosions in Brussels;
attacks in Paris
And countless Others killed everyday: somewhere here and there, everywhere globally
Significantly since 1914 onward and 911 onward

Life is NOT cheap even when man cruel treats it as such and not worth much..

mankind needs a compassionate/selfless savior (IF You ask me)

Streets and back alleys? Subways, trains, malls, schools…public places…(safety in numbers?) are potentially dangerous places.

Lost count of how many Memorials of dead loved ones I’ve attended lately…and probably will attend..shortly

Global peace index…is??
Current World conditions leave most lives at stake..

“TO THE STAKE” Jesus’ enemies yelled: “To the stake with him!” (John 5:19) The basic Greek word for “stake” used in the Gospel accounts is stau.ros’. The book History of the Cross reports: “Stauros means ‘an upright pale,’ a strong stake, such as farmers drive into the ground to make their fences or palisades–no more, no less.” Jesus The Way, The Truth, The Life

Who’s death and life will You remember?!(We do well to remember the lives and deaths of those who valued peace and practiced it..and learn from their choices.)

Terror, hate and violence does not have to be our (global) reality…IF we (individually/collectively) consistently choose compassion and peace..and life!:)


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