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Greeting(s) Earthling(s) 🙂
Since life is a series of unexpected pop quizzes challenging our personal consciences and capacities of compassion…the genuine kind:)…oh, and our integrity too;)…
what helps me most is positive reading/feeding/fueling my mind and heart toward the ultimately good-for-me: health-wise, wise-wise, mental-wise, emotional-wise, and spiritual-wise:) lol…


like any good aka useful/helpful/healthful/nourishing/not a waste of my life/time type of book…to get the most out of it:

read, meditate, apply!put into practice without hesitation while You still have time to act. Aka “make” the best use of Your limited time for the best/long-term positive results.



Bible offers very-practical, wise-counsel, highly-relevant for our tumultuous-times.

And “real” help to stay focused on Respecting/Loving Life and Fellow-Humans 🙂…and while coping with difficult trials and pains.

It’s a classic, never going out of style, a beautiful song…a-melody-harmonizing-accurate-knowledge-to-a-singular-united-heart/mind/body-beat-to-livable-lovable-lovely-lyrics…you wanna replay:) today and every day.

i love music…and poetry, TRUTH and specifically “Bible” reading/study of the deeper-dive—takes me to a mind-blowing, peaceful-place…of refuge. (It’s more like a scuba v. snorkel experience for me. Bottomless Ocean teeming with life.)

Have you ever thought about reading the Bible but held off […] For many, reading the Bible seems daunting. But what if you learned that the Bible can help you to have a happier and more satisfying life? And what if you found out that there are some approaches to reading it that can make it more interesting? Would you be willing to take a look at what the Bible can offer you?

 reading the Bible can help you to live a more enjoyable life. (Isaiah 48:17, 18) Among other things, it can help you (1) make good decisions, (2) make real friends, (3) cope with stress, and (4) best of all, learn the truth about God. The Bible’s advice comes from God, so you can never go wrong following it. God never gives bad advice.

Mind-set Tips for Bible Learning:

Have the right frame of mind. Since the Bible is from our heavenly Father, you will benefit the most if you have the attitude of a child who is ready to learn from a loving parent. If you have any negative, preconceived ideas about the Bible, try to set them aside so that God can teach you.​—Psalm 25:4.

Pray before you read. The Bible contains God’s thoughts, so it is not surprising that we need his help to understand it. God promises to give “holy spirit to those asking him.” (Luke 11:13) The holy spirit can help you to understand God’s thinking. In time, it will open your mind to grasp “even the deep things of God.”​—1 Corinthians 2:10.

Read to understand. Do not read just to cover material. Actively think about what you are reading. Ask yourself such questions as these: ‘What qualities do I see in the person I am reading about? How can I apply this in my life?’

[excerpted: How to Get More From Reading the Bible w: No. 1 2017]

to me, it makes logical sense to study successful people…IF You want to succeed in some aspect of life–you learn the formula. You want to be a leader, read/study leaders, eh?

You want to be compassionate, study who(m)?!…killers?

You want to act wisely, study the stupid?;)

What about the Divine Mind?? God’s Mind?? Who designed this beautiful planet and orderly universe? (Awe-Inspiring ambitions, joanie?!) Well, Bible reading takes me to HIGH altitudes humans (myself very much included) cannot reach all on our own. Don’t get me wrong, i learn/can learn a lot from fellow-Humans.:) Most know more about ‘certain’ topics i need to learn for which i am grateful; truly.

 Link here or here link

Happy Learning Divine Thoughts Fellow-Learner:) and peaceful deep scuba diving to You!

2/04/18 @ 10:04 p.m.



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