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Joan Winifred

HAAPPPY? Monday..:) I am content in spite of, i am feeling better, but my offspring (neutral term) are not…my ten year old and just turned 13 year old…are home from school today. My teens do not like me calling them “kids”…and my baby (youngest) is 10…so, offspring it is…though, my preferred reference term for my offspring will always be “my babies”…no matter how grown-up/old they eventually become.

It is a strange thing when your babies get taller or the same size as you…my son towers over me now.  The older teens 16 and 14.. May look like a young man and a young lady … they are “young” emotionally, etc..thankfully, thus far, they have been making “good” decisions…which serves as a protection for their youth…(they have avoided certain dangerous paths that require some to grow up way too fast).

It’s a fine line when sharing publicly…my children are private people and my choices to share (or not) affect them.  I do respect my kids a lot and their privacy.  So very careful consideration went into our recent webinar..and honestly, it wasn’t easy for me (even though) I openly/honestly write/share here or elsewhere…(hard to believe?)..I am a pretty private person who prefers anonymity over undue attention..but compassion, friendliness/hospitality, generosity (as well as other variables) come into an on-going work in progress..just a few short years ago..I would never have done anything like this…or that.

Actually, I “think” back in 2009, Chato Stewart entered a contest and won…anyway, his story includes me…however, I was mortified at the fact strangers would be seeing my face…some photos of me and him..his video has encouraged others and has had a positive, we’ve been told…so, I got over it. (I just cringe at being judged by outer appearances, etc…since the secret person of the heart (inner traits) is what I value in fellow-fragile-life!) When asked to do this recent webinar..I was not jumping up and down about the idea..but didn’t want to be selfish..and realized this could be an opportunity to (perhaps in a small way) encourage or help somebody out there who may be coping with chronic illness challenges or family concerns, etc. Of course, I wanted to support/respect Chato in this endeavor!:)

i am the type of person who strives to continually positively move forward/beyond, so i don’ like to linger long in the past or to revisit difficult places..though, it is useful, at times, to assess how far you’ve come, huh? Or how much/how little you’ve learned from point a to point b..

Zoe Kessler is an awesome hostess with the I told her. Anyway, the replay is now on youtube..the live webinar on February 29th had a tech issue with recording…so, we had to re-do to record..the current youtube version, of course, is a bit different (with added photos) and a bit the same..

Do You like replays? (Depends, eh?;)

If You choose to check it out, please excuse my cold/nasally voice. THANKS for listening…it was tough not to clear my throat or cough while recording. Hoping You:) will find the webinar useful/helpful/uplifting on some level. Wishing You Much PEACE always…



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