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Rescuing Kitty Cats

caregiving comfort compassion conscientious-ness Joan Winifred

IDK…is this my job now?? to rescue cute kitty cats and constantly feed them milk then solid food?? (i guess, it’s a perfectly fine job.)

{But like how many strays/ferals can one person really help/care for?? managing attachments is NOT an easy task. (believe me, i don’t just wanna help the so-called “adorable” cats.)}

not complaining…sigh, sigh.

On any given day, there are cats/people needing some help/comfort/food in one way or another…just doing my (non-partial) compassion job (nothing special on my part).  Out of all the cats in the world…”why” did you have to meow?!


all i know is my motto: “Trust in God and Do Good.”…or try your best to do your best and leave the rest to GOD (of Compassion)…(to figure out)

Trust in Jehovah and do what is good; Reside in the earth, and act with faithfulness. (Psalm 37:3)

Anyway, my kids/our family did actually “rescue” recently a (literal) baby kitty…(my very ill (fav) cousin in hospice helped name her)…

i live with hope so…so, may be? i can help give some hope (theocracy)..

in seemingly hopeless places…you can find…


10/26/16 @ 2:33 p.m.

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