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Joan Winifred

This is not a cheery post. I don’t feel very cheery at the moment. I feel exhausted! (and then some.)

Overslept. My alarm did not go off. Usually, I wake up in time. Today, I woke up at 9:10. (Very late for a Monday.) Kids were late for school and “upset” (and at me) about being late!

I think I may just put this blog to bed (rest).

Why did I oversleep? I know why. Compassion fatigue. (and then some.)

My internal alarm did not go off. In time. Helped the kids feel better and made peace with them. They went off to school with a good attitude.

I think I may just put this blog to bed (rest).

Yeah, I know. I am purposely being repetitive. There is a measure of control and certainty in repetitiveness. Don’t You think?

Oh, that’s the point. I am not really “thinking” too deeply as I pound these keys. Just going through the motions.

I think I may just put this blog to bed (rest).

Oversleeping? Yeah, may be that is a direct result of going to bed somewhat upset. I know better. (and then some?)

When you get off the phone, at night, with extended family who are suffering terribly!!!… My favorite cousin, a loyal friend to me my whole life. Someone who has been there for me when Others couldn’t or wouldn’t…is terminally ill. The cancer is fighting him. You don’t sleep well when worried.

I think I may just put this blog to bed (rest).

I just cannot do it. I just cannot go through the motions of life…totally unaffected and apathetic to the suffering around me. The sufferings of family/friends/fellow-fragile-life (i.e. those affected by hurricane in Haiti, elsewhere.) Fellow-feeling, empathy, compassion won’t allow it.

I find comfort in my hope. I find comfort in the scriptures. I find comfort in prayer. I find comfort in sharing and caring. I find comfort in…

(I think I may just put this blog to bed (rest).)



In what way does today’s greedy system promote disasters? A United Nations report on global disasters states: “Populations are too often being concentrated in risky areas such as flood plains. In addition, the destruction of forests and wetlands is harming the capacity of the environment to withstand hazards. Looming above all this is the threat of global climate change and rising sea levels as a result of increased greenhouse gas concentrations . . . caused by human activity.” Though much of this “human activity” is said to be for economic progress, it is in reality the work of the selfish and greedy spirit that permeates the world.

Consequently, many experts now recognize that indiscriminate human activity has intensified the devastating effects of the disasters that occur. […]We see, then, that many disasters are the result of careless human activity. Some disasters would not have been as devastating were it not for where they occurred. In many parts of the world, the effects of natural disasters have been greatly aggravated by the underhanded dealings of unscrupulous individuals or by the fact that masses of people have been forced to live in hazardous areas as a result of the economic or social inequalities inherent in the world today. Of course, some people suffer in disasters, not because of any particular person’s fault or negligence, but because “time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.”—Ecclesiastes 9:11.

There are many forces contributing to disasters…more of the above-excerpted article…/why-so-many-natural-disasters/

All of us need rest from natural and unnatural disasters!

10/10/16 @11:27 a.m.

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