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RESULTS = WISDOM VINDICATED = wearing my old sneakers/vintage clothes that still fit

Joan Winifred
“The Meaning of Human Existence, the celebrated evolutionary biologist, entomologist and essayist Edward Wilson sets off to chart a possible path toward the unification of the sciences and the humanities — If we are successful, claims Wilson, we should arrive at a deeply transformative understanding of the meaning of our existence.”
“The plan is to first unify physics, extrapolate to the other physical sciences, and then on to biology and the neurosciences. Once we are there, we will have a clear understanding of the fundamental character of human emotions — and we are pretty much done. And given that the humanities are a product of the human brain, they too will be encompassed by this sweeping approach to the unity of knowledge.” ~NPR article: A Quest For The Unattainable Unification Of Knowledge
Thinking out loud: NO…i have NOT read Wilson’s (so-called) “new” book or is it new Wilson revelation (seemingly highlighting/selling a (unity of) knowledge-need & BTW: already filled by an old revelation/all-time best-seller read/accepted by unified millions)…here i go again: thinking out loud: so, should I/we read it?…hmmmmm, ummmmm, excuse me, Sir….do we (actually) need some more?!…
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(…sorry, I’m not trashing my old sneakers (or my recycled/old clothes…they fit well!:)
When it comes to: fundamental character of human emotions, i agree, an important : yet very old topic!…already dissected/addressed (and at length) by a very real-time relevant/tailor-made…already-penned ancient book and by a different author…
Some say that the Bible is out-of-date, like a manual for an obsolete computer. But that comparison is both superficial and deceptive. Computers change and thus manuals become outdated. Basic human nature does not change. For example, people today respond to love and hate, fidelity and infidelity, kindness and cruelty in much the same way as our ancestors did. So when it comes to fundamentals, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9
the Bible has all the hallmarks of genuine wisdom. Its teachings and values work. They are timeless and tailor-made. They transcend culture and nationality. And they reflect such deep insight into human nature that they point to a higher Source —our Creator, Jehovah God. The proof, of course, is in the application. Hence, the Bible invites us to “taste and see that Jehovah is good.”  Psalm 34:8…Will you accept that invitation?” 
Here’s an interview (that caught my attention) of a Buddhist from Southeast Asia…
Linh lives in Southeast Asia. She told Awake! how the Bible helped her to improve the quality of her life.
What is your religious background?
I come from a Buddhist family that follows tradition. I knew nothing of the true God.
Were you satisfied with your life?
On the contrary! I had many problems. I was unable to budget money, I did not know how to find good friends, and I could not help my parents with their problems.
Then your life took a turn for the better. Tell us how.
Some young women who were Jehovah’s Witnesses began teaching me the Bible. When I had problems, I sought their guidance. Even though they were younger than I was, they gave me excellent advice —but not based on their own views. They showed me what the Bible says.
Now that I have experienced the benefits of applying Bible teachings, I am fully convinced that this book is from God and that it can help anyone who strives to live by it. Secular education —although having its place— cannot do that.
Can you enlarge on that?
My parents have a college education and a high station in society. Yet, they have not found answers to their problems. In fact, they are divorced and unhappy. When I went to college, I was told that there are times when society can be improved only by violence. The Bible, however, tells us that no human efforts can have lasting success, for God gave us neither the ability to govern ourselves nor the authority to do so. That’s why human rule in all its forms is flawed and prone to corruption. But when we subject ourselves to God, we can greatly improve our life and be a good influence on others.
How has the Bible helped you?
In many practical ways. I have fewer worries, and I now have good friends. I have learned to budget money and can afford to travel a little. Most of all, I can help others when they are in need.
 Old clothes & old benches (old books & old ladies-lol)…okay by me. 🙂
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