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Role-Models & Mentors

Joan Winifred

Most of us may agree about the “value”…benefit of a good mentor or role-model for success in a given field of study/inquiry….

(No matter our gender, age or esteem… (low, high, modest/balanced…. aka accurately aware of personal strengths/weaknesses and limits/gifts.)…

Role in life, job/responsibility, status, education, culture, etc…would benefit by a good role-model to follow/from which to learn/be trained adequately.)

Most of us may not agree as to whom may be a so-called “good” role-model or mentor, huh?

Personally, my most favorite role-model…as described by some: “The sage of Peace from Capernaum”

“The Great Teacher”, “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived”… “God’s Son”.

Jesus-The Way, The Truth, The Life… is a great/instructive read… in my studies of the historic/religious/spiritual figure/famous persona…through the years…(in my POV)…men would benefit women and women would benefit men…all fellow-fragile-life would benefit from following His steps closely… peace would be found, pursued, and sustained/maintained.

Quick excerpt/examples of what I mean from afore-mentioned book:

Compassionate: […] Jesus did not experience many of the distresses and concerns that other humans did. Yet he showed deep feeling for people. He was willing to go out of his way for them, to do things beyond what might have seemed necessary. Yes, compassion moved him to help others.

Approachable: People of all ages–young and old–felt that they could approach Jesus because he did not have an air of aloofness or superiority. Sensing Jesus’ personal interest in them, people felt at ease in his presence.

Unselfish: At times when he could have benefitted from some needed rest and relaxation, Jesus still put himself out for others. He did not have a me-first attitude. In this too, he provided a model that we can follow closely.

Forgiving: Jesus did more than teach about the need to be forgiving–he demonstrated forgiveness in reality with his disciples, and others.

Humble: Jesus was superior […] in countless ways, such as in knowledge and wisdom. […]physical and mental abilities beyond what anyone around him had. Yet he humbly served others.

Patient: He continuously showed patience to others and their weaknesses, failings, etc. {even while being tortured and killed}.

In a world-filled with horrifying crimes against humanity/the planet/wildlife… (i.e. mass shootings/killings, bombings, rapes, shocking/violent acts in every form possible, as well as terrible damage done to the planet and countless fellow-fragile-life aka animals)…we would all do well (collectively and individually) to learn from the practical, peaceful, humble, unselfish, forgiving, patient example of Jesus… (in my POV).

10/16/17 @ 3:34 p.m.

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