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Running in Circles

Joan Winifred

Yeah, don’t we all run in circles…expending all our energy and for what??? (something temporary, fleeting, meaningless, hurtful, fake)

i don’t run for money

i don’t run for fear

i don’t run for escape

i run for HOPE! (ya, it’s my dope– my hyper-focus that gets me outta bed in the morning/working hard and keeps me up late every night!!!)

Just wondering why or whether we run in the same/similar circles?!

you run for reason?

my circle, my boundary that i will NOT CROSS…is compassion.

Everything outside the compassion circle causing pain, suffering, violence, tragedy in one form or another etc., etc, heartache….death.

are you in?
are you out?

will you meet me in the middle?

(i hope so)

3/3/17 @ 12:18 p.m.

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