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S-p-r-e-a-d Thin

Joan Winifred


Do You:) know what it’s like to be spread thin?? (Honestly, i only have two hands, two feet, two eyes, 2 lungs, 1 heart, 1 brain, 1 mind, 1 mouth) despite endless demands, i simplify or i’ll never reach accomplishment. (“Truth is simple!”…simply put.)

Anticipating some time off…(yeah right;), anticipating a change (from the everyday reality/work of my life/my existence here (in FL)) Family arrives tomorrow for a weeks visit…YAY and NAY!! Preparations for the before, during and after…(and the emotions of it all.) Prepping for their departure before they arrive, go figure? (How else do i go back to life without them around all the time..and not get caught up in grieving their leaving?)

This is probably going to sound very cruel, (sorry) but attachments and detachments are but a distraction from my vowed compassion course (to a degree anyway). Life’s work continues no matter who participates or not.

i cannot procrastinate. i cannot linger in emotion. (i can’t afford those luxuries.) You cannot linger when time is UP! (may be ?-lol that’s it..time doesn’t run back and forth…but up and down!:) Time for me is heavenly! All of us are in some sort/state of grieving..courage is staying..with your responsibilities..(toward all fragile life).

By skillful direction (wise guidance) you will wage your war, And through many advisers (counselors) there is victory (success, salvation). Proverb 24:6

Back to work!:)…(aka NOT faking it!)

(published 5/19/15 @ 9:49a.m.)

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