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Sagan Says

Joan Winifred

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan wrote of Ptolemy: “His Earth-centered universe held sway for 1,500 years, a reminder that intellectual capacity is no guarantee against being dead wrong.”

What do You say? (What do i say?…well, obviously, -lol …i’m NOT the brightest star in the sky; for sure! so, who cares what i may say?!;)

However, what little i know/observe/experience, etc. tells me…a life-centered around “me”…and me only/me-FIRST…seems to be dead wrong. A LOT of selfishness…manifested in various forms…seems to bring a lot of pain, sorrow and destruction to this planet.

Again, what do YOU:) say? What must life be centered around (to maintain happiness, peace, planet earth/life)?

(published 4/7/15 @ 11:04 a.m.) To be continued…later!:)

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