Joan Winifred ยป Always Welcome: Real Friends with Real Names!:)
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Always Welcome: Real Friends with Real Names!:)

Hi & Welcome to My Blog…I’m in the process of updating/revamping/reemerging…with some new writings, photos, etc.

Joan Winifred is a work in progress at all moments in time.

Experiencing frustrating technical issues that un-techy me…is s~l~o~w in learning to over-come. Where is my WordPress for Dummies book when I need it?!…probably hiding with my missing poetry anthology. (Thanks for Your Patience/Forgiveness current Readers of my blog.)

All My Real Friends (you know: the ones with “Real” Names;) are REAL-LY “welcome” to visit here…often! I’m delighted that my compassion circle of authentic-REAL-compassionate-friends is GROWING & that makes me super-HAPPY!:)

THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING COMPASSION: Every minute of every now (day)!:)

Thereby making Your choices: WISE!

Looking forward to hearing from my real friends…anytime.



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